TOM d.d. Uskoplje
BiH 70280 Uskoplje-G.Vakuf
Branitelja Domovine bb

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Cement plant CEMEX – DALMACIJACEMENT, Split – Croatia 2002.

Unloading coal from ships - internal transport with belts - conveyor transport - storage - grinding - delivery to the combustion chamber.










Cement plant NAŠICECEMENT, Našice- Croatia 2006.












Cement plant NAŠICECEMENT - Fly ash Silos, Našice- Croatia 2007.












Harbor floor storehouse SOLIN – Croatia 2008.

Fabrication and assembly the entire steel structure and assembly of complete technological equipment for automatic storage for transshipment of bulk cargo in the food industry, which includes: unloading from a ship - reloading to conveyors – conveyor transport- raising and dispersion cargo within the warehouse, emptying warehouses with transshipment in wagons and reversible transshipment to the ship.






Factory for mortar SAMOBORKA-Samobor 1999. & MARNILIT-Muć Croatia 2002.

Production and erection with erection of complete technological equipment.















Piezo actuator factory SEPIA, Kutina- Croatia 2004.

Composite bearing steel structure.
Executed: design, production and erection in 3 months. Area: 7 500 m2