TOM d.d. Uskoplje
BiH 70280 Uskoplje-G.Vakuf
Branitelja Domovine bb

tel: ++387 30 494 160
fax: ++387 30 494 162



TOM has established and implemented the following management systems:

Quality management policy is based on the following principles:

1. Good understanding of requirements set by the customer is key basis for a quality service.

2. When reviewing contracts, we help customers in finding the most optimal joint solutions.

3. Constant education of employees directs company to respond to market demands.

4. Compliance with international standards and continuous improvement to them is permanent orientation of the company.

5. Building long-term partnerships with suppliers, who are able to respond to increasingly complex
demands of the international market.

6. Date for the completion of the contract is a condition of survival in the market of steel and technological structures and equipment. Constant development of personnel, methods, technologies, and operational management is a key prerequisite for meeting deadlines.

7. Expansion of cooperation and collaboration with reputable manufacturers from our branch of industry.

8. Continuous raising the living standards and safety of workers, and thus strengthening their loyalty to the company.

9. Risk free, with constant improvement of health and safety at work.

10. Fulfillment of all legal obligations and responsibilities to our customers and all interested parties under
occupational health and safety, and environmental protection.

11. A clean and healthy work environment stimulates interest and development of our workforce.

12. Preventing the generation of any pollution of the environment as a result of our actions, as well as our
products and services.


Declaration of sustainable development

TOM's activities and intentions are related to creation of added value in the production and erection of supporting and technological steel structures and technological equipment in the international market, with a deep commitment to the satisfaction of our partners. Providing full service for infrastructure facilities is TOM's mission, which is based on the principles of business excellence and superior quality. Aware of our responsibilities and their impact on a large number of businesses and the public, as one of the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region in the production and erection of supporting and technological steel structures and technological equipment, we understand and support the principles of sustainable development as one of our fundamental orientations. Responsible management of environmental matters and the rational management of asset and waste management, and reducing consumption of natural resources, in accordance with the legal regulations and other requirements applicable to the area of its operation, the use of environmentally friendly technologies and processes is an obligation and continuous TOM's mission. All employees of TOM are responsible to do everything to protect themselves, their work colleagues, equipment and products. Quality + Discipline + Efficiency is formula for success.